Paying for work
doesn’t have to
become more work.

Remove the tedious and costly overhead of paying freelancers individually so that outsourcing to freelancers becomes, well, actually freeing.


One invoice for you to approve and ALL of your contractors get paid.

Consolidated invoice<br />
for easy approvals
Consolidated invoice
for easy approvals
Automatic budget <br />
Automatic budget
Any currency and <br />
payment type
Any currency and
payment type

Pay once without losing details for all

Freelancers and contractors have individual needs when it comes to payment, which makes compensating many of them overly complex and time consuming. Stoke takes care of each freelancer’s payment details and consolidates everything into one simple invoice for you to approve. No matter how many freelancers you have or where they are in the world, you can avoid mistakes, know your talent base is getting paid and keep projects rolling.

Pay once without losing details for all
Payment Types

Any type of payment, anywhere

Stoke supports almost any payment method imaginable — ACH, eCheck, Wire, Cross Border Wire, Paypal and Payoneer—as well as currencies in more than 190 countries, so that your talent options aren’t limited by geography or subject to cross-border fees. We work with each individual freelancer to get them set up with their payment method of choice and handle payments so that the only invoice you need to approve is one from Stoke.

Detailed and custom cost breakdowns

Simplified payments don’t need to come at the expense of lost detail. With Stoke, you’ll get detailed billing on all consumed services flowing right into your accounting system broken down by the criteria important to you—department, cost center, hiring manager and much more. Budget reconciliation becomes a breeze, even as your talent base grows.