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Why Stoke? Organizations are faced with both a growing skills gap and an increased number of high skilled professionals choosing freelancing and flexible employment arrangements.
Stoke is a demand side platform built for companies looking to scale up their usage of on-demand talent (freelancers) and manage the process effectively. Stoke standardizes and simplifies hiring, on-boarding, managing, paying and keeping compliant with this growing portion of the workforce in organizations.
Empower leaders with the agility they need
Access talent pools Access an unlimited pool of
talents across skill
Reduce Clutter Reduce clutter dealing with
individual invoices
Keep it simple Assure smooth and trusted on-
Stay compliant Assure organizational standards
and workforce classification
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Stoke your team with energy Stoke supports increased organizational efficiency
Trusted by the world's best workplaces
"The Stoke platform has allowed us to empower our engineering and marketing teams to assume full responsibility on accessing talent to increase execution"
Eran Sher SeaLights, CEO
"We are great believers in growth through hybrid workforce and Stoke gives us access to talent we couldn't get to before"
Israel David bob, CTO
"Stoke has given us tremendous flexibility in scaling our teams"
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