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Stoke (add energy / incite) empowers organizations with an on-demand talents platform that connects teams with unlimited, high quality, talent that match your needs, when you need them.

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About Us.

We believe every leader can outperform! Through simple, transparent and trusted access to the right on-demand talent. That’s why we strive to make every managers job more effective and to provide the operational teams with the controls and visibility to thrive.

Inspiration born from experience

After year in several successful corporate and in an attempt to start their own business. Hilik and Shahar were exposed to the unlimited talent potential that exists “out there” and make it accessible and manageable for any team in a company to leverage, simply and seamlessly.

Our Principals

Why Stoke?

Stoke your organization to boost knowledge and delivery

Stoke is a business on-demand talent platform for both hiring managers (of all levels) and corporate operations (Finance, Legal, IT). With transparency, control, guided process and compliance assurance and backed by machine learning and unrivaled variety of talent, ready to go, and global proactive support ensuring success. As a result, engineering, marketing, education, design and many other organizational functions, thrive and drive growth while providing peace of mind to finance and legal teams.

Future of work, starts now

Access an unlimited pool of talent, what you need, when you need it
Assure compliance - Built in workforce classification model to assure
Digitied contracts
Flexible distribution and control - So the right investment get to the appropriate place in the organization
Trusted network - So you can create your own private circle of trusted and required talents
Maximize savings - Access the right talent for the right price and encourage organizational savings and reinvestment to maximize growth
Inject knowledge into your core - Bring in industry, technology and product experts to accelerate learnings and keep your core teams up to date
Increase employee satisfaction

Get Stoked, Do More.

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