There’s an easier way to work with contractors

Stoke Talent gets rid of the financial, admin, and legal headaches of working with independent contractors, freelancers, gig workers, and consultants.

Easier way to work with contractors

Stoke handles contractor headaches at

Working with freelancers can
be a dream come true.

But managing them can be a nightmare.

Between you, your freelancers, your finance team and compliance, there’s a ton of action items to be crossed whenever you’re engaging with non-payroll workers:

  • Contracts
  • Payment details
  • Tax documentation
  • Background checks
  • Project milestones
  • Budget approvals
  • Invoices
  • Workforce classification audits

And trying to cram all of that into a spreadsheet just adds up to one huge headache.

Move faster
and get more done

Stoke gives you full visibility and total control over every single contractor your company works with — and every single project they’re working on.

So you and your team can focus on completing more projects, faster, and not worrying over contracts, payments, or compliance risks.

Onboard Easily

Everyone’s a winner

Easy for you. Easy for your teams. Easy for your contractors.
Stoke’s Freelancer Management System lets you work with more contractors, gig workers, freelancers, and agencies without creating more work for you on the back end.

Easy for you. Easy for your teams. Easy for your contractors.


Quickly hire the best talents using Stoke’s integrations with
dozens of freelance marketplaces


Legal docs, background checks, and granting system access — you can do it all from one platform


Manage project budgets and track planned vs actual spending by departments, teams, or individuals


Instantly pay invoices to 190 countries in 80 currencies and 7 methods — while you pay 1 invoice a month


From tax compliance to employee classifications and security, Stoke keeps all your bases covered

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Solutions to drive efficiency across your entire organization

Unify HR, Recruiting, Finance and Legal with simpler, more secure processes and the benefit of a single source of truth for talent overhead.

What they’re saying
about Stoke


“I no longer spend my time reconciling invoices. Freelancers are paid on time and all paperwork is managed electronically according to our finance and legal standards.”

Jacques Botbol Verbit, VP Marketing

“We are great believers in growth through hybrid workforce and Stoke gives us access to talent we couldn’t get to before.”

Eran Sher SeaLights, CEO

“The Stoke platform has allowed us to empower our engineering and marketing teams to assume full responsibility on accessing talent to increase execution.”

Israel David Bob, CEO