Fast, flexible hiring
for a more resilient

The ability to fill roles and skill gaps quickly and confidently, whether full-time, part-time, or project-based, can become your organization’s competitive edge.

Fast, flexible hiring for a more resilient workforce

No platform fees. No commitment. Pay-per-usage.

Quick & custom <br />talent search
Quick & custom
talent search
Easy onboarding<br />through the platform
Easy onboarding
through the platform
Saved talent pool<br />for future hiring
Saved talent pool
for future hiring

A world of talent,
at your fingertips

Browsing multiple talent websites can be time-consuming and stressful. Stoke makes it simple to add new talent to your team with an easily searchable database that allows you to post any remote job for hire—design, finance, legal, marketing, administrative, data science and more! Stoke consolidates matches from millions of talent profiles worldwide into one pool that you can filter by employment type, skills, location or your company’s policies for a robust selection of possibilities truly tailored to your needs.

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A world of talent
Risk-Free Hiring

Risk-free hiring,
without the “what if”

Finding the right fit in a freelancer can seem like a needle in a haystack. Stoke strives to remove worry from the process by pre-screening the profiles we recommend so it’s less of a gamble. With Stoke, you know you’ll be working with experienced, reliable professionals from a credible source.

Painless onboarding for a faster start

Any hybrid workforce knows that onboarding new talent can be slow and tedious, costing you cycles better spent on the project at hand. Stoke was designed to remove this barrier by handling all of the heavy lifting of annoying paperwork, contracts and payment details. We make it super safe and efficient to get new talent started on your remote projects for a truly agile process.

Painless onboarding for a faster start
Hiring that gets easier each time you do it

Hiring that gets easier each time you do it

Ever wish you could instantly relocate that candidate you worked with months ago? With Stoke you can bookmark talent profiles that are especially compelling or proven so that you can easily find them again in the future. You can create a custom talent pool to continuously add and refer back to, saving you the time and headspace that goes into evaluating candidates in the future.