Simplify Freelance Compliance
in 3 Steps

Put an end to chasing — and worrying about — legal docs, tax forms, system access, background checks, workforce classification audits, and more.

Let Stoke handle legal and tax compliance for your freelance talent.


Stoke handles contractor headaches at

Get peace of mind knowing everything’s in order

Set up automated onboarding and off-boarding processes, and monitor in real time with custom reports


Legal documentation made easy

Let your legal team define what legal documents require your freelancers’ signatures and we’ll send these to your freelancers automatically through DocuSign.

We’ll also validate signatures, store all documents securely, and alert you before they expire, taking care of it all for you, behind the scenes.

Empower hiring managers
Remove Risk


We take liability over your tax compliance

When working with freelancers, companies must adhere to strict tax requirements. Luckily for you, Stoke takes care of the entire process.

We’ll gather the required tax forms like W-9s and W-8BENs from your freelancers and submit annual tax reports like 1099s or IR-35 to the appropriate tax authority on your behalf.


Automated workforce classification audits

Stoke uses AI to analyze your relationship with freelancers based on thousands of previous classification cases. 

When a high-risk relationship is identified, an automated audit is run, generating a detailed report that contains actionable suggestions for reducing risk.

Workforce classification

How Stoke Works

Stoke’s Freelancer Management System (FMS) lets you rely more on freelancers without creating more work for you and your team on the back end. We offer an end-to-end platform that manages everything from hiring to payments.

Benefit from freelance talent the easy way – with Stoke

Easy for you. Easy for your teams. Easy for your contractors.


Quickly hire new talent with Stoke’s sourcing service and build an online talent directory for your company


Legal docs, background checks, and managing system access — you can do it all from one platform


Manage project budgets and track planned vs actual spending by departments, teams, or individuals


Instantly pay invoices to 190 countries in 80 currencies and 7 methods — while you pay 1 invoice a month


From tax compliance to employee classification and security, Stoke keeps all your bases covered

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Jacques Botbol

“I no longer spend my time reconciling invoices. Freelancers are paid on time and all paperwork is managed electronically according to our finance and legal standards”

Jacques Botbol, VP Marketing, Verbit

Stoke was an easy fix for our issues. If we have gaps in talent resources within my team, the usual solution is to add a freelancer. Now it’s so easy to onboard them and get right into the work

Natalie Cohen, Director of Solution Marketing, SimilarWeb

”Stoke simplifies the whole process of hiring and managing freelancers, and just lets you move quickly – what’s more important than that in a business environment?”

Marcel Santili, Head of Marketing at